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‘Cause we all have wings/But some of us don’t know why’- Never Tear Us Apart- INXS

Wings… How exhilarating and freeing. Takes me back to the ‘Star Trek’ days when pushing a button would mean we could be transported to another world. Wings I suppose wouldn’t have similar powers but not bad for a start… The first time I heard the lyrics of the INXS song it made so much sense we can be free if that is what we choose. But often we choose to be shackled, trapped, bound to our routine mundane lives.

Then there are those of us who quite like this routine… Why question or change the status quo? I suppose there is nothing wrong with this perspective or way of life if it doesn’t serve as a form of criticism to those of us who love spontaneity and the freedom of thought and action. To be oneself, to live life as if it might end any moment. The joy of living life to its fullest. Now don’t get me wrong, for me living life to its fullest is- sitting on a comfortable couch and reading… or listening to songs… or writing my thoughts. All part of my list of things to living life to its fullest. Not having to think about that it will soon be lunchtime and I must have something ready for the family to consume or not having to follow any timetable of any sort. To just be spontaneous is all I ask…


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