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To Friendship and Love

Them- Shireen and Tasavur

The quiet, cool, summer morning, an invigorating start to the weekend. Shireen loved spending the early hours of the morning reading amidst chirping birds.

After shoveling down her brekky under the watchful eye of her mother she slipped away and ran upstairs to escape to the peace and quiet of their terrace. She loved the sights and sounds of the morning calm.

 After a while she turned to her novel, sitting comfortably with her legs folded on the ledge of the terrace, there was something liberating about this simple act. However, there was something different today, she felt uncomfortable she looked up and searched the horizon. On a building not half a kilometer away was this figure, a boy dressed in a sky-blue kurta pajama who looking straight in her direction. Something stirred within her, there was something unsettling about this, though not offensive. “Who is this?” she thought. “What is doing up there?” He had as much of a right to enjoy the morning as she did, she told herself. She settled into reading the book, when she looked up again he was gone.

The following weekends they shared this space amidst the morning calm, not knowing much about each other. However, a growing restlessness and curiosity led to an ongoing exchanging of notes and letters, and their friendship grew.

The society they lived in frowned upon any friendship between a boy and girl…this was their predicament. But not reason enough for them to give-up on their friendship. They decided to meet at their local market, if only for fifteen minutes at a time. Shireen loved the thrilling exuberance as she walked briskly towards their rendezvous. She silently prayed that they wouldn’t be found out. She ignored the conflicting thoughts that arose in her mind, walking purposefully.  

His smile was glorious, there was something so adorable about his eyes which reflected beaming happiness on seeing her… She couldn’t help but love him. She knew that their situation was hopeless, they were young and weren’t allowed to choose friends from the opposite sex! Even if it was their own lives at stake! No one would take their feelings seriously.

She often queried the very validity and depth of their feelings. Should she bother entertaining ideas of their continued friendship or just give up… It was all too much!

“Shireen what is worrying you?” Tasavur’ s gentle voice cut through her thoughts. “You are here…but not here. What is the matter?”

“I don’t know what to think,” she said looking into his luminously playful eyes. “Why do we have to meet secretly? What is so wrong in us being friends?

“True, we can’t change the world, so we have to make the most of our situation?” he lovingly, tried to reassure her. Trying desperately to make her understand that this was the best arrangement, given their situation. Shireen’s heart fluttered as his eyes softened. And they did what they always did, smile at each other and decide on their next rendezvous.             


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